Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hyouge Mono Ch 6 & Recruitment

Hey!! Sorry for the long wait. I know it took us a long time to get chapter 6 out. We took so long because we're hobos and couldn't afford to waste our time scanlating while we could be looking for food somewhere to eat. So why not join us and make things faster? ;)
Well, here's chapter 6.

We are in need of translators (chinese, japanese, korean), cleaners, and typesetters!! While i was typesetting ch 6 (which was a few minutes ago) i was like sweating (still sweating) but i kept typesetting because i knew i had to finish typesetting T_T now if some typesetter joined us it wouldn't have happened and i could've spent my whole day being lazy ==;

ohh and also the password for the download is flylikeapenguin
almost forgot to tell you guys >___> 

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